Can I get it back if I accidentally give you something that goes to waste by me?

The goods that we bring from our customers in the form of junk, we leave the goods in our warehouse for forty-eight hours without leaving anything in the same condition, then after 24 hours, the goods will be added. We use this equipment for our use, but if a customer calls within 48 hours to let us know that any of his essentials have been accidentally delivered, we return the goods safely.

Do you have to be there when our team arrives at your place to provide you service?

You must be there when our team arrives to pick up the junk because you will determine if the luggage is unnecessary or junk for you and only after you have identified We will collect this rubbish and take it away from you and will not demand any compensation from you.

Do you need to contact us by phone to get our service?

Our Online Service With our booking service, you can get our service for free at the easiest time. There is no time limit. All you have to do is choose the best time. Our team will provide you the service at that time.

Do you want to dispose of old beds and broken cupboards and old TVs and electronic equipment?

If you come here and the bed is torn or your closet is broken or the furniture is old and weak or your TV is broken or anything similar to it is damaged due to technical malfunction. Grind or burn or any other items that are junk you can give us instead of throwing it away. We can help you remove all these items for free.

Do you want us to deliver your junk to you?

Yes, you have all your non-essential items and all the junk you want to deliver to us. The address of our warehouse is also available on our website and you can find out our address by contacting us by phone and You can come to this place and give away your junk

How do we take your junk from them?

We use all kinds of small and big and big vehicles to transport all your rubbish so that we do not face any difficulty and difficulty in transporting all kinds of rubbish and ours and yours. Save time

How much do we charge you for our services?

We provide all of our junk removal services free of charge and no one charges you

In which cities in the UAE do we provide disposal services?

We provide junk pick up service in all cities of Dubai free of course no matter what part or area of Dubai.
We provide service to you free of charge

What is done with the rubbish that is taken away from us?

The junk that we collect from you people is any kind of junk. We divide this junk into different parts and make a collection of it which is in good condition or good condition. We make money by selling it in our private market at the lowest possible price and we break down and dispose of goods that are in bad condition and not usable in any way.

What service do we provide you?

We provide you a free service to remove any junk that you may not have at home or in the office or a warehouse. And includes broken furniture, even if it’s just some kind of office equipment, and includes all the household necessities.

When do we collect junk from you?

We prefer the time you come to collect the rubbish that you set with us. We collect all this rubbish within the time frame and waste your time. Protect from and prioritize your current available time. Our priority is to provide you with the best possible services.

You need to know these things before you can hire us

We do not charge a fee for removing your junk and do not ask for any additional compensation but you must try to make sure the junk number is a little higher.